Avocado Ettinger


Avocado Ettinger

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Ettinger is a green-skinned avocado. Harvest maturity is reached in the early season, slightly ahead of the mainstream Hass variety. It is a medium to large size fruit with a shiny, smooth skin, which sometimes can have a slight dimple. The flesh, when soft enough to eat, is a pale green-yellow, but can become predominantly yellow colour with greater maturity. Ettinger has good density and an excellent flavour with a clean mouth-feel. The stone is larger than those of many other varieties. The skin will break quite easily, but can be peeled without a problem.Ettinger is regarded as being a reasonably frost-tolerant variety.Ripening: Ettinger will ripen well in a fruit bowl at room temperature. The skin will remain green as the flesh softens, though some areas may blacken slightly. The key indicator of ripeness is a distinct ‘give’ when pressing the stem-end with the thumb.Ettinger is a very good green-skinned avocado with a clear, clean taste


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