250 AED Family Box


250 AED Family Box

د.إ20.00 د.إ10.00


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1 kg Chiquita Banana
1kg Pears
1 kg Apple Gala
1 kg Orange Valencia
700g Ripe Hass Avocado
1 Piece Mango Jumbo
1kg Apple Granny Smith
1 Pack Blueberries
1kg Grapefuits
2 Pomegranate
3 kg Turkish Tomato Bunch
2 kg  cucumber
0,5kg Carrots
1 Pack Pasta Spirali Grandi n. 100 pasta
1kg Red Onion
3kg Potato
1 kg Lemon
30 Pieces Farm Fresh Eggs
1 Pack Canneroni n.21 pasta
1 Can Granoro Pomidori Pelati


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